Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Photos & Flickr

Sorry to those who are disappointed not to see some photos we are so busy at the moment I sometimes don't even stop for lunch!! Life is so hectic at the moment - and I am enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately it doesn't leave much time for visiting my extended family and I am missing the kids in particular....we will all be gathering in 2 weeks time for our God-Daughter's communion so that should be some fun!

I need to get Dave to start updating this site - I just have to get time to figure out how to use Flickr to update the photo library and then there'll be no stopping us!!! Maybe we will post some photos of the garden that Dave has reduced to a shell of its former self with all his hard work.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What a Week-End

Thursday 28th April - Jenny's Birthday (my baby sister)

Well I finally made it to FOS thanks to my little red chilli pepper!

Of course - Dave had to go get the key from Joe - the man who looks after the vans when we're not there and guess what - he had to pass DROOPY's - wasn't too bad on the way to Joe's but on the way back he just couldn't resist the temptation - so there was no heating on for me when I got there - so - if you can't beat them join them - we stayed in the pub for a while talking to our friends and having the 'craic'.

On Friday my brothers and sisters, nieces, grand niece, nephews, aunt, cousin, and assorted friends arrived - there were 21 of us in all sleeping in 3 mobile homes!! Funny, everybody had a bed to themselves and were very comfortable.

The weather was (for us) very warm 18 degrees and sunny. People were coming and going all day long so lots of tea and cake and cleaning up!!

Of course, that nite all the adults went to Droopys for a 'session' and then back to my mam's mobile for more drinks, music and craic - we got to bed at 05:30 - it was lovely to go to sleep listening to the birds singing instead of waking up to them = ha!ha!

Saturday morning mam and dad made breakfast for everyone and we sat around reminiscing about old times and talking about/remebering Elaine with Paul and the girls - it was great to be able to include her in our week-end and also to get an update on how they are coping since she died - they seem to be dealing with things ok at the moment however, it's early days and I believe they are still trying to come to terms with not having a wife/mother - Paul is very strong for his girls - but who is strong for Paul??

In the afternoon I took my nieces shopping in Waterford - it was a glorious day and so lovely and sunny and warm - made me want to spend lots!!! My Yaris was very heavy going back on the ferry to FOS.

Sunday was a nice quite day - everybody just hung out and chatted with each other and drank lots of tea & coffee and ate cakes and on Monday Dave & I spent the morning cleaning the van in preparation for next weekend when we start all over again!!

Only kidding - next weekend mam and dad will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversay so it will be very special - don't know yet if we will be in FOS or celebrating in Dublin - I'll keep you posted!

I forgot to bring the camera with me on this trip but promise to bring it next time and post lots of photos - anyway I was too busy cooking and driving everyone this weekend to take any photos.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I want to go to FOS

AAAAAgh!!! I could scream!!!

Next Monday is a bank holiday here in Ireland and I have arranged to take a holiday from work tomorrow so that Dave & I can have a long week-end in FOS. I planend to leave the office at 12 today but due to workload I wasn't able to get ready to leave until 3:00

I went to get into my car and guess what - I have a puncture - the builders on the office site don't clean up properly after themselves and now I have a nail in my tyre.....

I have to wait for 2 hours for someone to come from the garage to fix the puncture because the nuts on the wheel were put on electronically and also becuase my little YARIS is full to the roof with goodies for our new mobile home.

When I phoned Dave he was already half way to FOS so no point in him turning around to help me.

Still it means I get to vent my frustration on the computer and not on other drivers!!

It also means that Dave will get to the 'van' before me and can switch on the heating so it will be nice and welcoming when I get there.

Ooh have to go - my repair man is here - YIPPEE

Thursday, April 20, 2006

OK Ok Stop Nagging!!

Wow you must remember what it was like when you started.....

I have been very busy this week in work - good idea to have da update the site on a regular basis. Just have to make time to sit with him and show him how to do it - but I need to learn some more about it first.

OK I tried to upload some images but it hasn't worked I will check out the site you told me about and see what I can do.

For now I have to go - I need to go shopping for new stuff for the mobile home and I have to pack all our things so I can leave early tomorrow and drive straight to Fethard on Sea.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Haven't a clue!!

This should be fun - keep making mistakes but still learning!!


Here we go again - we've just bought a mobile home in the "Sunny South East" of Ireland - Fethard-On-Sea and are hoping to spend most of our Summer there (March to October) so hopefully you will be able to visit when you are next home??

Hi there - didn't realise Dave was leaving so soon - be strong - he won't be away too long and at least he will be back for your 1st anniversary!

Pity Da and I can't be there - we have just bought our own mobile home in Fethard-On-Sea which is in the "Sunny South East" of Ireland and we hope to be spending most 0f our time there over the coming months. Hopefully you and Dave will come to visit when you are home next.

Still playing with this Blog so let me know that you can see it ok?